Non-Destructive Evaluation & Testing

 Benefits of Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

Nondestructive evaluation, or NDT, plays a crucial role in everyday life and is necessary to assure safety and reliability. Typical examples are found in aircraft, spacecraft, motor vehicles, pipelines, bridges, trains, power stations, refineries, buildings, and oil platforms which are all inspected using our NDT inspection services. NDT is a Quality Assurance management tool which can give impressive results when used correctly. It requires an understanding of the various methods available, their capabilities and limitations, and knowledge of the relevant standards and specifications for performing the tests. Materials, products, and equipment which fail to achieve their design requirements or projected life due to undetected defects may require expensive repair or early replacement. Our NDT inspection services can be applied to each stage of an item’s construction. The materials and welds can be examined using NDT and either accepted, rejected, or repaired. Our nondestructive evaluation techniques can then be used to monitor the integrity of the item or structure throughout its design life.


Our NDT Inspection Services

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