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The Vibration Guys™ are Authorized Distributors for CTC Products

The Vibration Guys™ can supply all your necessary vibration hardware, as well as, install it. Our installation experience provides valuable insight to “real world” solutions of industrial application.

Hazardous Area Sensors and Barriers

CTC understands that the diverse range of equipment used in refineries, paint shops, and other explosive applications, requires a wide range of solutions. CTC has also been certified by a variety of regulatory agencies so that you can protect your company’s critical machinery and applications while ensuring plant safety almost anywhere in the world.

Cables and Connectors

CTC cables are assembled to meet our rigorous standards for low noise, high mechanical strength, and resistance to harsh plant environments. CTC cabling features a twisted, shielded pair with shield drain wire for easy installation into a junction box or monitoring system. We utilize extra thick cable jackets to prevent the cable from ripping or tearing.

Mounting Hardware

CTC offers a spectrum of mounting hardware including quick disconnects, mounting adapters/pads, fin mount pads, probe tips, flat surface magnetic bases, multi-purpose magnetic bases, and installation tool kits.


CTC manufactures a complete line of accelerometers for use in harsh environments. CTC accelerometers feature all welded construction with hermetically sealed glass to metal connectors or an integral cable, to ensure survivability in coolants, caustic spray or submersible applications. CTC accelerometers are supplied with a NIST traceable calibration certificate from our ISO 9001:2008 certified factory. CTC accelerometers are guaranteed for life.

Piezo Velocity Sensors

CTC manufactures a wide variety of piezo velocity sensors with different levels of sensitivity, frequency response, dynamic range and max temperature.

Data Collector Accessories

CTC offers a wide spectrum of data collection accessories for all of the major manufacturers including: Emerson, Rockwell, SKF, Commtest, Adash, DLI, Intermec, SEMAPI, Datastick, GE, Schenck, and SPM.

Junction Boxes

CTC has a wide range of junction boxes; switch boxes, max boxes, signal management boxes, cable termination boxes, and cable reduction boxes.

To order any CTC products, please call us at (877) 373-9912.
About The Vibration Guys™
In an effort to consolidate and organize our businesses, Condition Monitoring Solutions, Inc. is now a D.B.A. owned by The Vibration Guys™, LLC. CMSI, LLC name has changed to The Vibration Guys™, LLC. We still provide the same quality work on services.
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