Vibration Analysis is an important maintenance tool that is often used to monitor the overall condition of heavy industrial machinery. Vibration Analysis allows you to detect issues that can lead to equipment failure, breakdowns, and shutdowns. This process will show errors and faults before the machinery starts to display any noticeable signs of failure. Therefore, you will know exactly which areas of the machine need to be maintained before it becomes a major problem.

Unexpected breakdowns and machinery failure can lead to large amounts of production downtime. If your productivity is down, it will inevitably cause you to lose a large amount of money. Sometimes a small part of the machine can become worn and go unnoticed, which causes wear and tear on other parts of the machinery. If it goes unnoticed for too long without being repaired, it can lead to the failure of other major components. However, if you’re using Vibration Analysis in your maintenance team you will be able to fix things as soon as they start to wear down. Vibration Analysis will save you precious time and money.

Vibration Analysis can be used for both daily monitoring, as well as scheduled shutdowns for maintenance purposes. It has become a crucial part of machine maintenance. If your plant has multiple machines running, Vibration Analysis monitoring may not be used on every machine on a daily basis so you will need to determine which machines will be a top priority to monitor on a daily basis. For example, if you are caring for machines that can have an impact on human safety or environmental safety, they should be considered a top maintenance priority. Machinery that is expensive and/or at a higher risk of breaking down should also go through daily Vibration Analysis monitoring.