Non-Destructive Testing

Our expert technicians travel locally, nationally, and internationally to perform nondestructive testing on a wide variety of materials and structures.

Thermal Imaging

The Vibration Guys are certified thermography consultants utilizing state of the art infrared cameras to see what your eyes cannot which is heat.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is an important part of keeping your rotating equipment working at peak performance.

Field Balancing

On-site balancing is the fastest and least expensive option to ensure rotating equipment is working optimally. We can balance all types of rotating equipment in the field, or at your site.

Precision Laser Alignment

Using Laser Alignment techniques, The Vibration Guys can solve existing machinery problems due to misalignment or soft-foot conditions that can decrease the run time of your machine.
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Did you purchase a vibration analyzer and need additional training to set up an optimal program?

The Vibration Guys can train you and your staff in on in your location on your equipment to become proficient in the following: Setting up a route to collect data fast, efficiently and effectively · Develop your database and ensuring its working in an optimal manner · Navigation and utilization your vibration software to increase your confidence in analyzing your data. The Vibration Guys can you train you on the following: Ludeca VibExpert, PRUFTECHNIK, Emerson CSI, SK, GE Bently Nevada, and other manufacturers.