Upcoming Training Classes

See our Class Schedule for a complete list of our upcoming training classes: Vibration Analysis Level I, Vibration Analysis Level II, and Field Balancing.

What We Do

The Vibration Guys™ provide condition monitoring services in a wide range of condition monitoring technologies. We have the highest quality professional staff with decades of experience. We also deliver some of the world’s best custom monitoring programs which are customized to our client’s needs resulting in increased reliability, maximized production, and reduced maintenance costs.

Below are just some of the services we provide:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Field Balancing
  • Precision Laser Alignment
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection

How We Do It

We use the latest vibration analysis equipment.  Whatever the environment or application, we have the right equipment to get the job done.


The FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras has the resolution, sensitivity and real-time needed to find problems fast. This highly accurate thermal camera has a laser targeting system and can be finely tuned to local detect small thermal differences.

Ultrasound Detector

An ultrasound detector is a key element in any successful condition management program. It can quickly and easily detect air and steam leaks for huge energy savings and greater capacity.

The Vibration Guys™ are experts providing intrinsically safe gas detection. Safety, expertise in detection, providing solutions through investment in the best state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best service for our clients. Need gas leak detection done at your plant or facility? Contact us today.

We Excel At What We Do

The Vibration Guys™ strive to help clients realize their individual potential and assist them not only by improving their companies bottom line and also by simplifying the day to day condition monitoring routine.

The Vibration Guys™ is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Vibration Institute.  The Vibration Guys™ along with The Vibration Institute is dedicated to the dissemination of practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition. 

About The Vibration Guys™
In an effort to consolidate and organize our businesses, Condition Monitoring Solutions, Inc. is now a D.B.A. owned by The Vibration Guys™, LLC. CMSI, LLC name has changed to The Vibration Guys™, LLC. We still provide the same quality work on services.
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